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The role of marketing in university education has never been more important. In a time where a university degree is considered a rite of passage and the path to prosperous future, stiff course competition is ubiquitous, and with every university selling, not just an education but an experience, the right higher education marketing will add tremendous value to any university.

However, all too often, universities can neglect to invest suitably in marketing their brand to prospective students, the community and regions across the UK. This is a mistake. Here are five reasons why university promotion should be at the top of your agenda.  



A good university brand can instantly attract attention. Poor branding is, at best, instantly forgettable. At worst, poor branding will cause undergraduates to dismiss your university as an option to further their academic ambitions.

Now, let’s get real. Visuals can imprint on our minds. People are far more likely to remember a logo than they are a motto. This highlights just how important promotional banners are to any university marketing strategy.

Banners have a lasting impact. They can be the epitome of school spirit, and they can also attract the eager eyes of undergraduates deciding on which university to choose to study their degree course.

A banner that fails to grab attention, convey your university spirit, or convince undergraduates of the merits of your university is ineffective at best. At worst, it may even impact applications and intake numbers.  


Considered marketing promotions are the best way for universities to garner interest from prospective students. Contrary to popular belief, banner marketing is not expensive. This makes it ideal for universities working to yearly budgets.

Budgets are paramount for educational institutions as they help each to meet their objectives, calculate estimated revenue and expenditure and, perhaps most importantly, provide an equitable allocation of resources, determining the quality and quantity of services each institution can provide.

Taking a full-page advert out in a notable regional magazine is costly. Not only that but, audience scope can also be limited to the individual demographic that read that publication. Well-designed and skilfully placed marketing banners are a far more effective way to promote your university, leaving a lasting on undergraduates and parents, whilst drawing the attention of graduates that remember their university days fondly – and encourage undergraduates to choose your university.  

Reputation Management

For any university to thrive, it must have a reputation that precedes it. Some UK universities have a storied history and global reputation, Oxford and Cambridge, for example. Smaller universities need to build their reputation to attract undergraduates.

Over recent years, an increasing number of universities have chosen to advertise on television to attract students. Such universities include Leicester’s De Montfort University and Salford University in Manchester.

This form of university promotion allows universities to reach a wider scope of potential undergraduates than other forms of marketing. Television advertising is, however, far more expensive than designing university banners, however, it does provide a university with an effective platform to promote their ethos.  


Undergraduates Will Search for the Right University for them

Arguably, the biggest academic decision a young person will make is which university to enrol in. It’s not a decision any student will take lightly, and one that their parents will, almost certainly, have an input in.

By taking a strategic and intelligent approach to marketing, universities give themselves the best possible opportunity of attracting the right calibre of students. Through effective marketing and attracting the right students, university performance will increase year-on-year, appealing more and more to students searching for the right university to achieve their academic ambitions.

An engaging online and offline higher education marketing strategy will grab the attention of prospective students. By complementing a responsive and helpful website with evocative and eye-catching banners, universities will demonstrate their intent to provide a stellar university experience to undergraduates – something that’s sure to grab attention!

Other Universities Are Doing It!

Higher education in the UK is big business. It’s estimated to have an annual revenue stream of around £18billion, with more than £10billion coming directly from tuition fees and education contracts.

Added to that, most UK universities are expanding on their student intake, with some universities hoping to increase their intake by as much as 50% in the coming years.

With such an extraordinary amount of revenue, it’s hard to envisage a reason why university promotion isn’t anything other than imperative. After all, if you’re not investing in banners, advertising in print publications or promoting yourself online, one thing is for sure, other universities are!

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