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The reputation of a school is key to its enduring success. The Board of Governors, Head Teacher and quality of education each contribute to how a school is perceived in the local and wider communities. However, it’s the achievement of pupils that ultimately shows how successful a school is.

Responsible for defining quality levels in schools across the UK, identifying and initiating teacher training, and ensuring student facilities are satisfactory, Ofsted inspects schools across the UK. This non-ministerial department of the UK government notes a school’s strengths and highlights any shortcomings, acknowledging where improvements can be made.


Promoting Ofsted results is paramount to school success. Positive Ofsted assessments enhance the reputation of a school. This will attract stellar pupils come yearly intake, impress the parents of potential pupils in years to come, and attract the best teachers.

School banners are a great way of enhancing reputation. Colourful, clear and eye-catching each banner can be easily positioned to show off school achievements.

If your school is consistently awarded the highest grades when inspected, strategically placing banners to show off your achievement will attract the attention of parents and pupils come admissions.

Proven to be one of the most effective ways to advertise school achievements, banners will also instil a sense of pride in students. This sense of pride will be abundantly clear, and very attractive to pupils and parents when they attend school open days.  


Education Grants

Promoting positive school Ofsted results can be a powerful way for schools to receive education grants from the government. Each Ofsted report compiled will award the school with a grade upon completion of the inspection. These grades range from (1) Outstanding to (4) Inadequate.

Should an inspection reveal that your school has consistently received (1) ‘Outstanding’ or (2) ‘Good’ grades, yet your school lacks resources, promoting positive school Ofsted reports can be a valuable marketing exercise.

For example, should pupils require up-to-date computer equipment to further excel in their studies then positive Ofsted results can convince government decision-makers that your school is worthy of a grant to purchase the equipment.

Access to the latest computer equipment will reap rewards for admissions too. Parents will understand that, with access to leading technology, their children are given a greater opportunity to learn, grow, and excel in every area of their studies.

Once you’ve secured additional funding to improve the standard of education, there’s no better way to generate awareness than with a school banner highlighting that you can now offer pupils a better standard of education than ever before. 

The Most Dedicated Teachers Will Nurture the Most Talented Pupils

Positive Ofsted school reports will attract the attention of exemplary teachers considering a new role. The right school environment allows teachers to grow professionally, and gain more job satisfaction.

A school with the best teachers will attract those pupils with the most potential. Not only will a school of that calibre attract attention in the local community, but pupils from further afield will want to study there too.

By promoting excellent Ofsted results, any enquiries for school admissions may well substantially increase. Hanging school banners, complete with all the recognition your school has achieved thanks to dedicated teachers and talented pupils at local school fundraisers or school open days, is a great way of showing that your school is a great place to learn, and to work.


School Branding

Despite being a relatively new concept to schools and universities across the UK, school branding has become one the most integral ways that educational institutions distinguish themselves from each other, and appeal to prospective pupils.

We live in a world of brands. It’s what we remember when we think of a business or institution. Banners are one of the best ways that schools can promote their brand and accomplishments. They are a visual representation of the school. Given that people are highly likely to remember what they see, as opposed to what they hear, banners can be very effective in getting a message across.

A school banner design, complete with your Ofsted grade, reinforces school success to a wide audience. This simple addition to your school branding could be a vital promotional activity, one that sees an influx of enquires for admission each school year.

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