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‘Take your coat or you’ll catch your death of cold’, a phrase that almost every parent utters as their son or daughter bounds past them during the winter months, diving headlong for the door and freedom.

Despite children’s seeming ambivalence to the cold weather, when the temperature drops it’s paramount that the right attire is worn. Flimsy cotton shirts and a jean jacket won’t keep anyone warm and dry when the rain is coming down in great sheet, a wicked wind hailstorm whips at our cheeks, or if there’s a swirling blizzard just waiting beyond the door.

And that’s just the outdoors. At the height of winter, when the temperature drops below zero and snow blankets the ground, the cold winter chill will cause us all to shiver – even when indoors. Wrapping up in warm attire is essential.

Hoodies are the perfect winter warmer garment. Soft, comfortable and warm, they protect you against frigid temperatures – which is why they’re a must have accessory for any school skiing trip.

With a one of a kind design, custom ski hoodies add a dash of trendy individuality to any school skiing trip. Here’s why you need to buy customised hoodies for your next school skiing trip.

They Offer a Wealth of Design Choice

We all know that teenagers can be fickle when it comes to what they wear. Some teenagers wouldn’t be caught dead outside in a pair of baggy or flared jeans whereas other teenagers would flat our refuse to wear a pair of Clarks shoes – regardless of how comfortable they are.

Hoodies have a diverse range of styles. Retro hoodies are very popular with students. With their zip front and cool design, these hoodies can be worn when the temperature dips to Artic degrees and when the sun breaks through the clouds, bringing some much-needed warmth. In fact, you’re bound to see students walking round campuses all year round, or on a school skiing trip in their retro school hoodie.

Ski sweatshirts and hoodies are ideal for school trips. Students are guaranteed to feel warm and comfortable whether on the slopes or resting in the cabin after zig-zagging across the slalom all afternoon. The design and broad range of colour choices make identifying students from a distance on the snow-covered peaks easy, allowing teachers to keep school parties safe and together.

From personalised names to embroidered arm prints of the destination and year of the school trip, custom hoodies for school skiing trips give schools make the trip more memorable for everyone involved.

"Anyone that interacts with, or encounters your school skiing party will, no doubt, be impressed with how your students are presented."

They’re Great for Promoting School Awareness

Large school classes make an impression on everyone. Neat and clean-cut teenagers give a good impression. Hoodies can help to cultivate that wholesome image. Anyone that interacts with, or encounters your school skiing party will, no doubt, be impressed with how your students are presented.

Custom ski hoodies also demonstrate that your school is prepared to invest in its students. This reflects well on the school when on a skiing trip. Anyone that encounters your school will surely think that if your school is prepared to go above and beyond in making sure that their students are well-presented, and that the same level of care and attention will be evident in the classroom.

Also, hoodies with embroidered school logos are highly distinguishable. A visually-appealing school logo can cement your school in people’s minds. These logos demonstrate the professionalism of your school – something that every school must be aware of during school skiing trips.

custom ski hoodies

They Bond Students Together

Students can find their first overseas trip without their parents quite daunting. Some may even begin to get cold feet the closer to the departure date they get.

This is normal. In fact, not being even slightly apprehensive as the school skiing trip approaches can almost be viewed as abnormal! Students need the support of their class. They need to be aware that everyone is here to enjoy this experience together. They need to bond.

School personalised printed hoodies will encourage students to stick together when on their first school trip abroad. There’s something comforting about wearing the same attire as your contemporaries. It makes everyone feel part of a team and encourages support for one another.

This creates bonds of friendship that will endure long after the school skiing trip has finished. Having names printed on the reverse of a school hoodie is also an acknowledgement of a shared experience – one that most of us will remember for the rest of our lives.

"Hoodies could discourage poor behaviour and ensure that everyone has an event-free and highly enjoyable school skiing trip."

They Remind Students that They’re Representing their School

As every teacher knows, not every student they teach is well behaved. In fact, if asked honesty, teachers can probably name one or two tearaways they’ve had in the class throughout their career.

Spirited children can, on occasion, disrupt the class and compromise the learning experience for other students. Ensuring that students are well behaved when on a school skiing trip is not only a matter of respect for the rules, but paramount for the safety of everyone.

School uniforms have long been acknowledged to promote conformity and encourage students to be better behaved. However, uniforms aren’t compulsory during a school skiing trip – that would be completely illogical!

Personalised printed hoodies compete with the student’s name and school logo embroidered clearly on the chest and will remind students that even though they’re not in the classroom, they are still representing the school. This could discourage poor behaviour and ensure that everyone has an event-free and highly enjoyable school skiing trip.

Custom ski hoodies are essential to any school skiing trip. Their varying designs are perfect for keeping students warm and comfortable, whilst teachers will appreciate that hoodies are great for promoting school awareness.

Not only that, ski hoodies will bond students together in their shared experience of travelling abroad with the school and can keep bad behaviour in check. School hoodies are the right investment for your school skiing trip. It’s really that simple.

Interested in getting your ski trip hoodies? Visit our Ski Tip Hoodies page for more information.

If you, your loved ones or your school trip organiser are great fans of hoodies, then you will certainly appreciate a reliable and accurate hoodies size guide.

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