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If you’ve been reading our blog over the last few months, you will have no doubt seen that we wholeheartedly believe that school smocks and aprons can leave a positive lasting impression on a young person’s academic career.
We’ve also highlighted that the differences between smocks and aprons are more evident that one might first think. As is so often the case in education, it’s the meticulous attention to detail that can make all the difference. Only when you learn do you then know.

Unique apron designs can lift student’s academic performance, giving them confidence in their own ability and pride in their achievements. But, how do you choose the right aprons for the right classroom environment? Here’s a look at the different types of smocks and aprons and which design is best-suited to which class.

Art Class Aprons

Fostering creativity in young students is paramount. Not only does creativity encourage imagination, it also enhances effective problem-solving skills – an attribute which becomes essential as children mature into teenagers and adults.

Of all the subjects in the school curriculum, art class is arguably the most focused on creativity. Whether children are drawing with pencil or charcoal, painting or designing a clay pot watering can, every decision they make is a creative one. Every decision can also be a messy one.

If there’s one garment that every school art class shouldn’t be without, it’s an apron. Charcoal, paint and clay can quickly stain school uniforms, leaving parents sighing once their children return home for the day as they open the door to the washing machine once again.

Customised art aprons for children or art smocks for teachers are also great for school branding and first impressions. Just imagine how impressed school visitors would be when they reach the art block and see happy students and teachers in class, their uniforms protected by a generous, customised full-sleeved apron or smock!

"Both aprons and smocks will protect student’s school uniforms from getting mucky, allowing them to focus on the fun of cooking and baking."

Home Economics Aprons

Just as art class can be a messy affair for all involved, so too can home economics. Whether baking fresh bread, with children pouring water into flour and kneading dough with their hands or baking cookies, what’s certain is that uniforms will become dusted with flour and splattered with dough.

Both aprons and smocks will protect student’s school uniforms from getting mucky, allowing them to focus on the fun of cooking and baking. The distraction of trying to keep one’s school uniform clean so that Mum or Dad won’t have to fill the washing machine the moment children come home for the day is also completely forgotten, allowing students to better concentrate on the lesson at hand.

In addition, customised aprons reduce overall distractions and remind students that despite not being in a traditional classroom environment, with uniformed chairs and a blackboard at the front of the class, it’s still important to focus on the task at hand and not misbehave.

Aprons of all shapes, sizes and colours can even hold up and lesson plan – especially for younger students who want to wear the pink or blue apron alone. Customised school aprons of the same colour will eradicate the potential of this problem, ensuring that lessons run smoothly.

art smocks for teachers small

Textiles Smocks

From the ages of 11-16, all of us begin to discover which school subjects we like and which we cringe at when looking at our timetable when the bell strikes nine am. For many students, secondary school is where we blossom and make tentative decisions that dictate our academic and professional destiny.

One subject that many students find they have an affinity for is textiles. The desire to design, to look at fabrics and materials and create something completely unique is something that many creative students gravitate to.
Creativity isn’t gender-biased. Anyone can and should choose to be a fashion or interior designer, fox example if that’s the career that’s calling to them. Unique apron designs should perfectly personify the school emblem, motto and colours but not be gender-specific.

Girls and boys should be encouraged to believe that they can become whatever they want to be. From a leading CEO, QC or Prime Minister to an interior or fashion designer, or even a nurse or social worker. Customised textiles smocks can reinforce gender neutrality. Keeping the same colours and design features for the boys and the girls will cultivate a healthy attitude and belief system which children will carry with them as they mature into adults.
Smocks with an embroidered school logo which are personalised to each of the children in the class emphasise school identity and promoting togetherness, whilst retaining student individuality. At the start of each lesson they’ll be no mad rush to the store cupboard with children arguing over which smock is theirs – it’ll be the one with their name on!

"Different types of smocks and aprons are suited to different areas of the school curriculum."

Design and Technology Smocks

The formative years of anyone’s education are paramount. A well-rounded education is essential to developing skills that help young people excel when they undertake a GCSE or A Level course, or even their degree.

Design and technology is an often-forgotten lesson that we’ve all taken at school – yet many of us have forgotten as we’ve grown older. In these lessons we learn valuable life skills that help us grow and grasp more complicated concepts as their educational career evolves over time.

A keen eye for design will bolster students design and problem-solving skills, prompting them to think logically and follow instructions. These core attributes are essential to achieving success across a broad range of endeavours, from academic and professional to personal.

Most design and technology Key Stage 3 lessons in school require aprons and smocks. Whether helping children to develop a keen eye for spatial awareness by designing and building a birdhouse, gluing the pieces together or even learning about circuit boards and robotics by making a small device, one thing is for sure – dirty and miniscule amounts of debris will land on school clothing. In short, smocks or aprons are essential to ensuring that school uniforms remain neat and clean.

Schools could even choose to completely customise the smocks and aprons with unique designs that will appeal to students. Should a school host an open day and decide to promote the design and technology department, students and teachers dressed in unique apron designs will certainly impress any visitors – enhancing the school perception.

As you can see, different types of smocks and aprons are suited to different areas of the school curriculum. What is, however, glaringly apparent is that both smock’s and aprons have a welcome place in the classroom.
Perhaps it’s time for you to carefully consider the benefits of customised smocks and aprons? You may just discover that customised designs more advantageous to the school experience for students and teachers than you ever thought!

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