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School trips are a great way to get students engaged in their education after a long summer of fun and freedom from the classroom. There really is no better time for teachers to start brainstorming school trip ideas and preparing for the academic year ahead than in the summer months.

So, if you’re thinking about how you can enrich student’s education come September, here’s a look at the ultimate educational excursion ideas for the new academic year.


Teaching history is all about providing context for major historical events that shaped our world. Often children find it difficult to imagine what life was like generations ago and a school trip is a great way to motivate pupils and spur their curiosity for the subject.

Fortunately, places of historical significance and intrigue are dotted all around the UK. Should pupils be interested in Medieval history, Longship Trading Company and Saxon Workshop is a great place for Key Stage 2 pupils to get a real feeling for what life was like in Medieval times. Offering day trips to sites across the UK, pupils are encouraged to touch, handle and smell artefacts of Saxon and Viking living.

"Whether speaking, reading, writing or using critical thinking, English expresses the knowledge that students have of every subject studied."


A cornerstone of education, English is arguably the most important subject in any curriculum. Whether speaking, reading, writing or using critical thinking, English expresses the knowledge that students have of every subject studied.

A school trip to the birthplace of William Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon conjures images of a bygone era where students can appreciate and understand just why William Shakespeare is considered the single most important playwright in history.

Home of the Royal Shakespeare Company, (RSC), when visiting Shakespeare’s birthplace students can partake in drama workshops and enjoy an atmospheric behind the scenes tour of theatres.

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One of the more difficult subjects to get students engaged in, science should be fascinating, yet all too often pupils find the subject boring. However, an educational school trip can be a great way to arouse student’s curiosities in the subject.

A report by the Association for Science Education (ASE) found that outdoor learning is essential to scientific learning – so a trip to one of the many centres for scientific innovation in the UK is certain to propel students forward in their study.

The National Science and Media Museum in Bradford, West Yorkshire is one of the best science school trip ideas, providing students with expansive opportunities for to learn about the science of art and light, sound, photography, film and television.

With a range of educational films shown on a state-of-the-art IMAX Digital Xenon Theatre System, from Mysteries of the Unseen World to 3D robots, and workshops for students to explore and learn, the National Science and Media Museum is perfect for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 pupils.


Maths is of those subjects that students typically either understand or just don’t. But what cannot be argued is that numeracy skills are paramount for educational development and success in later life.

A great way to get students to think that Maths is cool is to get them out of the classroom. If you’re considering planning a school trip, one place that you simply must consider is The MAD Museum.

Educational, and a whole lot of fun, almost every exhibit at The MAD Museum has a function. Students can interact with each exhibit by pressing a button or turning a handle, and is designed to test students Maths proficiency.

The only museum of its kind in the UK, The MAD Museum offers group discounts, free entry for teachers, assisted visits for Key Stage 1-4 students, activity and answer packs and workshops.

"The UK has a proud tradition of artistic disciplines. Great ideas for artistic excursions can be just around the corner."


If you want your students to really appreciate the impact and significance that art has had on the world, you really need to get them out of the classroom and to experience the subject.

Instead of arranging for your students to visit a local gallery, why not be a little creative with your ideas for school trips. The UK has a proud tradition of artistic disciplines. Great ideas for artistic excursions can be just around the corner.

European Study Tours offer a range of art and design school trips where students can visit the finest galleries in London, and Europe.

Inspire students with a street art walking tour or visit the National Portrait Gallery and view the 190,000 portraits, ranging from the 16th Century to present day.

If you’re feeling a mite more adventurous and want to give your students a trip they’ll never forget, European Study Tours facilitates trips to Barcelona, Berlin and Paris to name but a few destinations across the continent.

So, what are you waiting for? Get thinking about your school trip ideas today! You may even change the lives of your class and set students on the path to finding their passion in life!

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