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The humble hoodie is a staple garment in most everyone’s wardrobe, and it’s not hard to see why. Ideal for travelling, throwing on after the gym, or even to show off your school spirit, hoodies have a universal appeal to young and old alike.

You might not realise it but hoodies will celebrate their 100th birthday before the end of the decade. Their origins date back to 1919 when American business, Champion Products, then trading as the Knickerbocker Knitting Company, make claim to have designed the first hooded sweatshirt, with the trademark hood added to protect wearers from the cold.

Fast-forward to the twenty-first century and school hoodies have become the symbol of school spirit. Visit any campus in the UK and be struck by the role they play in the student experience. 

Here’s a look at the rise of school and university hoodies and why you need to jump on board now!

The Beginnings of the School Hoodie

Harold Lipson, a former president at Champion, recognised how welcomed the hoodie was by working professionals and decided to promote the clothing to schools across the USA. 

An instant hit with pupils and schools alike, Champion began working directly with schools to meet their sports apparel needs. The result of these partnerships was the manufacture of a large and comfortable hooded sweatshirt, ideal for school track and American football athletes.

After the mass use of fabric screen printing in the 1980’s, customising clothing with school colours and logos grew in popularity. 

For more than thirty years, school custom leavers hoodies have continued to rise in popularity.

The Thirty-Year Heritage of School Leavers Hoodies

For more than thirty years, school custom leavers hoodies have continued to rise in popularity. Viewed as an effective means of promoting individual educational institutions, even the most prestigious schools and universities have jumped on board by adopting the hoodie as a symbol of educational pride.

Viewed as one of the most eye-catching and effective ways of promoting school awareness, customising hoodies with your school colours and logo will attract positive attention. Primary and secondary schools across the UK have embraced the hoodie recognising that they enhance pupil experience, and the overall perception of the school.

rise school hoodies football

How School Leavers Hoodies Define Schools and Students Today

It’s acknowledged that pupils learn in a comfortable and relaxing environment. This is one of the reasons why a great number of state primary and secondary schools have voted against a traditional school uniform, in favour of casual attire for pupils.

School hoodies promote school awareness, whilst simultaneously allowing pupils to feel comfortable and relaxed in the classroom. Unlike the traditional shirt and tie, hoodies can allow enhance pupil concentration, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

When graduation time comes, school leavers hoodies colours also promote school awareness long after the pupil has taken the next step in their lives. Instantly recognisable, this branded clothing is a great advertisement for any school in the local community, and the wider world too!

The reputation a school garners is paramount to its continued success. But, for any primary and secondary school build a reputation, a school must concentrate on promoting awareness.

Don’t Miss an Opportunity – Jump on Board Now!

Many schools across the UK believe strongly in the merits of buying customised hoodies online. This opinion has resulted in their surge in popularity, not only over the last thirty years but recently too. 

The reputation a school garners is paramount to its continued success. But, for any primary and secondary school build a reputation, a school must concentrate on promoting awareness. 

Therefore, school hoodies are a vital element to promoting your school. Think about it, if you’re a parent, actively looking at primary or secondary schools that will allow your son or daughter to thrive, which will you pick? The one that makes them happy and allows them to thrive.

Imagine that you’re walking close to home and see a group of happy schoolchildren out on an excursion. Each child is attentive to the teacher and well-behaved. You think to yourself, ‘I wonder what school they attend?’ Then you spot a distinctive school hoodie complete with logo and school colours. 

This may just convince you that this school is the one for your son or daughter – and you may not have considered it, if it hadn’t been for hoodies each pupil is wearing!

School hoodies have evolved to be an essential part of a pupil’s experience and a school’s promotional activities. If you haven’t considered their merits, perhaps it’s time to jump on board now!

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