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If you’re searching for a boredom-bustling activity for your children, you can’t get better than crafting. Perfect for rainy days or when you just want your children to tear their gaze from the computer screen for an hour or two, crafting allows children to exercise their creativity –and have fun.

The question is, what activities are most likely to appeal to crafty kids? Here’s a look at 7 different arts and craft ideas sure that are perfect for little creatives.  

Printed T-Shirts

With a little fabric paint, a brush, old t-shirt and potato or Bell pepper you and your children can create a wonderfully-designed printed t-shirt.

All you need to do is to place the t-shirt on a surface, slice off the bottom of the Bell pepper, fill a paper plate with fabric paint, plonk the bottom of the Bell pepper in the paint and then stamp your t-shirt.

Arts and crafts for kids that involve paint can be a recipe for messiness. Clothes can be ruined in a matter of seconds. Don’t worry – all you need to do is wrap your kids in an apron and watch them stamp away till their heart’s content.

Tie-Dye Spin Art

Using only a salad spinner, coffee filters and a little paint, tie-dye spin art is one of those craft ideas for kids that parents must keep in their idea scrapbooks.

You’ll need an old salad spinner for this, or at least one that you don’t plan on tossing salad in for dinner later in the day! Place clean coffee filters in the bottom of the spinner and then squirt children’s coloured paints on top of the filters.

Place the lid on the spinner and spin! Remove the lid and your kids can enjoy multi-coloured spider’s web designs that, once-dried, will look great on the fridge.

Now, the paint won’t come flying through the spinner, but as with any activity involving kids and paint, it may be a good idea to adorn an apron – you never know which direction your kids will squirt the paint!

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"Help your children get in touch with their roots by designing a family tree."

Design a Family Tree

Help your children get in touch with their roots by designing a family tree. All you’ll need is a few sheets of white card, some finger paints, a few pencil crayons and a black pen.
Children can be as creative as they like. All they need to do is to draw or trace the outline of a tree, and place their fingerprint on the branches for the leaves. Different shades of green make for a striking effect.

Once they’ve designed the tree, children can put grandma and grandpa’s name at the bottom of the tree and map mum and dad’s names, their uncles, aunties, cousins, with the branches extending to everyone in the family.

This is one of the arts and crafts for kids ideas that really highlights the importance of family and brings everyone together.

Owl Puppet

One activity that’s a real hoot for crafty kids is designing owl puppets. Simply take a paper cup, circular foam stickers, coloured paper and glue.

With the scissors, cut out feather shapes and stick them to the paper cup in rows from the top to the bottom. Children should then take a pencil and trace around their hands to create a cute wings face and stick it to the top of the cup.

Next glue the foam circles to the top of the paper cup to create eyes and fold a small piece of card to make a beak. Glue the beak underneath the eyes and hey presto! You have an owl.

Ice Chalk

Crafty kids will love ice chalk! All you’ll need is an ice-cube tray, a hot day, water, corn starch, baking soda, liquid water colour paints and water.

Fill each ice cube tray with baking soda and corn starch and add a few drops of liquid watercolour paints. Gently mix the ingredients together and leave them to freeze for a few hours.

Once the mixture has frozen, take it from the freezer and place outside on the patio and watch it melt in the sun, leaving a cascade of colour. Using watercolour paint produces vivid colours. Young ones can then take their finger to make patterns on the patio – but only if they’re wearing their trusty apron – you don’t want to have that lovely summer dress ruined by running paint!

If your young son longs to grow up to be a fireman, you can transform him into one with a little creativity.

A Junior Fireman

If your young son longs to grow up to be a fireman, you can transform him into one with a little creativity.

All you’ll need is a piece of cardboard, rubber tubing, masking tape, and a small and large empty plastic bottle.

Get him engaged by helping him stick the large empty bottle upside-down to a square piece of cardboard. Next, place the rubber tubing inside the lid of the large bottle and thread it to the smaller bottle at the top right-hand side if the cardboard, sticking it to the back with the masking tape so that it doesn’t come loose. Then thread the tubing from one bottle to the other and you have a fireman’s water canister. You can even paint each bottle red or yellow to make it look as real as real can be.

Artsy Collages

One of the most creative kids crafts, artsy collages allow young ones to express themselves by creating a design of all their favourite things in the world.

Your little ones can use pens, pencil crayons, paint, glue, glitter, crate paper, stickers, felt-tips, and a smattering of art supplies to design and create something that’s truly personal and important to them – just make sure that you have newspaper on the table and an apron to hand!

Crafting is a great way for kids to express their creativity, have fun and create something completely unique. Get your kids crafting to today and watch their faces light up!

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