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For any school to be successful, it must have a positive reputation in the local community. School events bring communities together and are a great way to show pride in all that has been achieved.

As the last holiday, before students finish for the summer, there’s no better time to advertise school achievements. Parents attending the Easter fayre may just be considering if your school is the right place for their child to blossom. Through cultivating a happy environment, whilst showcasing school accomplishments, you will enhance that positive reputation.

Strategically placed school banners are one of the best ways to promote school achievements. But through a little innovation, time and effort, you can promote your school at an Easter fayre in a way that really makes a difference.

Here’s how you can use the school Easter fayre to advertise school results and enhance your reputation in the community.

An Easter Egg Hunt

Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt. Watching children scamper around gardens looking for chocolate treats, then smiling when they discover their prize.

If you intend to include an Easter egg hunt at the Easter fayre, why not write clues that reflect all that children have learned throughout the year? This may require careful planning, but by mixing education and fun, schools can advertise how effective a school’s teaching methods are, whilst pupils can showcase the knowledge they’ve acquired.

Every time an egg is discovered, your school will be advertising just how effective the teaching methods you employ are.

An Easter Crafts Table

No Easter school fayre is complete without a crafts table. Painting eggs and colouring pictures of Easter chicks is something that we all remember. But, Easter crafts can also be a create opportunity for your school to show the results of your school’s art department.

Why not decorate the crafts table with student’s artwork for projects completed over the course of the school year? Like school banner advertising, any student artwork will get the attention of parents who can’t help but be impressed with how teachers have fostered children’s creativity over the course of the school year.

Any crafts table should showcase a range of different decorations. Daffodil pinwheels or a painted Easter scene complete with chicks and a foam garden, Easter masks, or even painted eggs will show how good your school’s art department really is.

school easter fayre small

Easter is a great time of year for your school to arrange an egg and spoon race. You could have a single race, or have multiple races for each year in the school.

Easter Sports Competitions

Nothing advertises results better than competition – and an Easter fayre is a great opportunity to organise friendly competitions for children to participate in.

Easter is a great time of year for your school to arrange an egg and spoon race. You could have a single race, or have multiple races for each year in the school.

Not only is the egg and spoon race fun for everyone, but it can also be great school advertising, as it encourages the emphasis your school places on an active lifestyle for children – something that the government is currently heavily promoting across different regions of the UK.

Parents and people in the community will be impressed by just how active your students are, and how friendly competition has taught children to excel if they want to achieve their goals.

Easter Academic Competitions

Schools can use their Easter fayre to advertise the academic achievements of their students. This can be easily achieved through a range of academic competitions.

Spelling bees have grown in popularity over the last few years. Adding spelling bees to a list of Easter fayre school events can be a subtle way of advertising pupil literacy prowess. You could even advertise an Easter-themed spelling bee, asking children to spell words like, ‘chocolate’ or ‘Easter bonnet’.

In addition to the spelling bee, include an Easter stand for children to guess the number of Easter eggs in a jar. This is another subtle way of the numeracy skills that students have learnt over the course of the year.

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