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School trips and educational visits are powerful, positive learning experiences that help to enhance the educational, personal, social and emotional development of students of all ages.

From places of historical significance and museums to national parks, the more school trip ideas a school has, the greater their opportunity to get the entire student body enthused about their education.

Here’s a look at 10 different school trips that are sure to broaden the minds and cultivate intrigue and independent learning in your student body – and whether students will need to bring their school hoodie

The School Skiing Trip

Come the spring, students from across the UK look forward to that time free of lessons and homework, timetables and the school bell! Now, we’re not talking about the holidays – though we’re sure student’s wait impatiently for those too – no, we’re talking about the school trip!

Year in, year out students from across the UK pack their skiing bags and head to the slopes of Austria, Italy, Canada or even Andorra in search of white powdered snow – and a break from the books.

The school skiing trip is practically a rite of passage. It’s one trip with an abundance of school spirit, fun, learning and new experiences. Though, keeping warm and comfortable against potentially wicked weather fronts is paramount.

What garment should be first in your suitcase alongside your skiing equipment and coat when considering how best to plan my school trip? Your school hoodie, of course.

The School Camping Trip

Some boys may relish it. Some girls may feel apathy towards it. What cannot be denied is that the school camping trip is nothing if not thought of each academic year.

Perfect for character building and teaching student’s new skills, camping from a young age can instil a lifelong love of sleeping under the stars and the great outdoors.

The school camping trip teaches students independence, self-reliance, outdoor and team building skills – all while wearing their school hoodie to keep them warm when the temperature drops. Whether huddled around a campfire or wrapped up in a sleeping bag, students will be glad that they brought their school hoodies.

The School Farming Trip

A career in farming can be highly appealing and very rewarding. Working in the fresh country air, growing produce, rearing and caring for animals then, as the night draws in, settling down in front of an open fire for a warm drink can be just the right lifestyle for some.

Taking your students on a school trip to explore a career in farming can, not only broaden some student’s horizons – showing that there’s more to working than being shackled behind a desk for forty hours a week – but it can plant the seed that, when nurtured, will see some students develop a love for farming.

When the time has come to decide what to take on a school trip to a farm, there’s one item of clothing that no student should be without – a durable, soft, warm school hoodie.

After all, students will be outside for much of the day and warm attire is essential.

The School History Trip

When considering how best to inspire students to take more than a fleeting interest in history, it seems obvious that a school trip is the one way to evoke feelings of what it must have felt like to fight in a global conflict, or experience the hardships of the Middle Ages.

Ofsted have openly stated that the most effective departments in secondary schools use enrichment activities to support student’s learning. The school history trip is integral to gaining an in-depth understanding of our past and thereby better preparing us for what the future may hold.

When visiting the beaches at Normandy or Crowhurst – the supposed site of The Battle of Hastings – trips that let students experience for themselves places of great historical significance can pique their interest in the subject.

Teachers escorting large school parties to places of historical significance should always advise that their students wear school hoodies. Why? It’s much easier to keep the party together.

The School Trip to a Farmer’s Market

A school trip to a farmer’s market can help young students to learn about the importance of a balanced, nutritional diet, and the negative effects on our health of poor dietary choices.
Encouraging positive eating habits in primary school children can stop them developing health complications such as diabetes and obesity in later life.

A trip to a farmer’s market could be a valuable excursion for younger children. However, let’s be honest, sometimes children’s attention may be drawn away from the party.

Proficient teachers will know that to responsibly plan my school trip to a farmer’s market, or similar busy location, children should always wear their school hoodies. This way, children will be easy to keep together and spot in a bustling crowd.

school trip ideas hoodies article

The School Broadcasting Trip

Students can step into the exciting world of broadcasting with a trip around the BBC or any other UK broadcasters. The BBC itself welcomes thousands of visitors every year on their award-winning tours.

In Newcastle, the BBC offers an interactive tour that’s perfect for children between the age of six and twelve. Aiming to inspire a whole new generation of broadcasters, visitors can see what happens behind the scenes and learn more about their favourite TV shows, like Horrible Histories.

Alternatively, if your students want to walk in the footsteps of their favourite broadcasters, they can tour Media City UK. Home to a host of BBC programmes, tour guides escort school parties around the famed Match of the Day and Mastermind sets.

If your school trip ideas generation has settled on Media City, let your students show off their school spirit with their school hoodie!

The School Trip to The Police Station

Greater Manchester Police runs private tours and educational visits and are happy to welcome school parties. Children can learn about the history of Greater Manchester Police and how law enforcement has evolved in over a century.

Steeped in history, Greater Manchester Police dates to 1879, with the courtroom opening in 1895. The perfect setting for Victorian history projects, students learn about historical law enforcement and experience first-hand what life is like in a modern police station.

This valuable educational experience simply wouldn’t be complete without students keeping themselves warm and showing off their smart school branding by wearing their school hoodies.

The School Languages Trip

At some point in our educational career, most of us get the chance to hop on a plane or take the Eurotunnel for an exciting Vive la France or similar European jaunt, broadening our horizons and using our French, Spanish or German in daily interactions with the native people.

If there’s one article of clothing that students must have in their suitcase when considering what to take on a school trip abroad, it’s surely the school hoodie.

When abroad, students are taught that they are representing their school. The highest standards of behaviour must be observed. Smart attire too is imperative to making the right impression.
Neatly presented student attire reflects well on the school. Scruffy student attire does not. A neat, clean school hoodie is an essential school garment to take when travelling abroad. Passers-by will be impressed by a group of well-behaved, smartly-dressed students, each wearing their school hoodies.

The School Culture Trip

Some students have a genuine affinity for culture. Other’s need to be coaxed into appreciation, preferring to pursue sporting or other endeavours. However, what’s obvious is that understanding culture in all its forms is a vital component to a well-rounded education.

The good news for students is that from primary education onwards, school place emphasis on developing cultural interests. Whether arranging visits to museums, art galleries or performing arts events or visiting places like Stratford-upon-Avon – the home of Shakespeare’s birthplace – schools provide opportunities for students to develop an appetite for culture.

When out visiting such educational places, what better opportunity to promote school unity – and keep warm – than by wearing your school hoodie!

Famous Sporting Venues

Of all the possible school trip ideas, could there be a more exciting excursion for a young Harry Kane, Chris Hoy or Andy Murray than a trip to one of the UK's most famed sporting venues?

Home to the National Cycling Centre, a multi-purpose cycling venue in Sportcity and, arguably, the most famous football team in the world – Manchester United – Manchester is hardly short of exciting sporting venues.

Taking a tour of Old Trafford mid-season, your students shouldn’t be without their school hoodie. As majestic and evocative as the stands are, they can also be a mite chilly!

Not only that but when visiting the National Cycling Centre or Old Trafford, your school can show off their team focus, with all students are similarly attired.

So, there are ten different school trip ideas and why you need to take your school hoodie along to each. Have you decided which exciting trip you’d like to take your students on next?

If you, your loved ones or your school trip organiser are great fans of hoodies, then you will certainly appreciate a reliable and accurate hoodies size guide.

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