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A perfect ski trip will typically conclude with dozens of amazing pictures and countless, unforgettable memories. It's important to note, however, that the overall experience you take away with you at the end of the trip will be determined heavily by how you begin, or plan, your ski trip.  

There's a variety of different types of gear and equipment you should consider before going on a ski trip, and ensuring you don’t leave behind anything important should be a priority. The best way of doing this is by creating a school ski trip packing list.

"The key to creating a comprehensive packing list for a school ski trip is organisation and structure. Instead of frantically listing every individual skiing item you can think of, start by listing the main types of items."

What should I do first?

There are two options when creating your ski trip packing list:

1) You can consult a detailed guide for making one of your own.
2) You can use an existing ski trip packing list template.

Should you prefer to create your own packing list, we have developed a few tips on how to plan your list, along with a number of suggestions for items you should take with you.

Creating your School Ski Trip Packing List

The key to creating a comprehensive packing list for a school ski trip is organisation and structure. Instead of frantically listing every individual skiing item you can think of, start by listing the main types of items, such as:

  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Gear
  • Non-essentials

Start listing items into your categories and soon enough you will have a clean, structured packing list. Focusing on each section individually will help to make sure that you aren't missing anything on your list, and give you a clear overview of all the items you will need to take with you, along with the items you don't need.

ski trip packing list

Clothing and Accessories

The items you should include first on your packing list are undoubtedly a ski jacket and salopettes (ski pants). It's a wise idea to choose a ski jacket with a hoodie. Make sure you include the under-layer and fleece or sweater.

The list can also be a helpful reminder to take gloves and a ski hat with you. Glove liners are optional, but waterproof and breathable materials are essential for these items. A neck gator and skiing socks are items of equipment we often forget to consider, so we highly recommend adding these to your list.

When it comes to skiing accessories, you should begin with hand and toe warmers. You should always include snow boots and sunglasses. In addition, non-ski mittens/gloves and a lip/sunscreen balm are essential for keeping you happy on the slopes. We would always recommend carrying a small bottle of water or a hydration pack for when you make those all important rest breaks.

Gear and Non-essentials

Your school ski trip packing list should help you make a clear distinction between so-called “essentials” and “non-essentials.” Sometimes, it is difficult to say what is essential for a ski trip because some parents and students can have quite different priorities and personal preferences.

Many items can be rented easily or purchased at an affordable price while you are on your ski trip. You can include skis/snowboard or simply rent them when you arrive at the ski centre. The number of electrical devices you plan to take, i.e. smartphone or laptop and other additional items such as jeans, sweaters, a hoodie, waterproof shoes, coat, and similar, will depend on your schools ski trip activity plan and options a ski centre offers to you.
If you do plan to take your smartphone or laptop, don’t forget the all important chargers!


When planning your school ski trip packing list, you can use either a fully customised self-made list or download a packing list template. Either way, this list can be a huge time-saver and an excellent guide for avoiding all the stress of forgetting to bring important equipment with you on your school ski trip.

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