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It is always advisable to create a school ski trip clothing list before sending your kids to enjoy school ski trip holidays. If you want to make sure they come back with pleasant memories, it is essential for your kids to be warm and dry all the time. This is the task any school ski trip clothing hire company has to solve with the proper choice of things to use and wear.

Here is a handful of essential tips every school event organizer, parent and child will find to be useful whilst creating a school ski trip clothing list:

"We often tend to pay too much attention to the brand name and design of our next ski jacket rather than to focus on things that matter the most."

1st Tip: Treat your “second skin” with great care.

It isn't an exaggeration to say that the inner or base layer is your "second skin," when you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter. The base layer is a definitive must have for your school ski trip clothing list. In order to perfectly suit your kids, it has to be breathable and not too tight. This may come as a surprise, but you should avoid cotton inner layer clothing. Why? Well, cotton has a reputation of being able to absorb moisture quickly and easily. However, it doesn’t dry in the same way, which can make the children feel cold and wet.

2nd Tip: Team up your thermal underwear and socks.

The winter magic works for your kids only if they are kept warm all the time. Your choice of thermal underwear and socks is essential for this requirement. In this case, you need to come up with a solution that will successfully balance your budget expectations and your kids’ requirements to play and enjoy freely. Very often we tend to neglect the importance of high-quality and warm socks while working on our school ski trip clothing list. Those little toes aren’t willing to compromise when it comes to optimal warmth. Therefore, make sure you make the right choice of socks.

ski sample image

3rd Tip: Fleece jacket and pants are never a luxury.

Fleece jacket and pants can work as an extra layer that can increase the overall time your kids stay warm and safe while playing outside. You should also give an advantage to zipped fleeces your kids can simply and easily put on/off. When it comes to babies and toddlers, all-in-one fleece models should be your #1 choice. The extra thermal leggings and the removable hood are recommended, but still optional for the school ski trip clothing hire.

4th Tip: Your ski jacket, pants or salopettes should be breathable and waterproof.

It goes without saying that these particular items are among the top priorities on every parent’s school ski trip clothing list. However, we often tend to pay too much attention to the brand name and design of our next ski jacket rather than to focus on things that matter the most. Your ski jacket should be made from the top quality breathable fabric combined with the impeccable waterproof characteristics. Ski jackets with wrist gaiters are the excellent choice for young winter sports enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, this is the best solution for preventing wind and snow getting under your kid's jacket arm. Needless to say, that buying a ski jacket with a hood or hoodie is absolutely imperative. The hoods can be detachable, but you need to have them in order to shelter kids from chilly winds and falling snow. When it comes to ski pants and/or salopettes, besides being breathable and waterproof, you should make ski pants have removable braces and your salopettes have adjustable shoulder straps. Accessorising with a pair of ankle gaiters is extremely important for preventing the snow going into socks or up to the legs.

5th Tip: Don’t neglect the importance of ski hats and gloves.

We have gone through our school ski trip clothing list, but without ski hats and gloves we can’t treat as complete. Even if your ski jacket comes with a hood or hoodie, this doesn’t mean you should miss a ski hat for your kid’s school ski trip. Keeping the head warm and safe is a top priority for any winter activity. When you combine a warm ski hat with the waterproof hoodie, what you get is the top protection against freezing winter winds. Finally, the perfect ski trip is ensured with a pair of waterproof gloves. Download our free 'Comprehensive Guide to School Hoodie Sizes and Fitting' to get all the right things for your perfect school ski trip.

Download the free Comprehensive Guide to School Hoodie Sizes and Fitting today

If you, your loved ones or your school trip organiser are great fans of hoodies, then you will certainly appreciate a reliable and accurate hoodies size guide.

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