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Motivation is one of the cornerstones of success. A motivated person has the focus, drive and determination to succeed. A positive person strives to be the best that they can be, giving 100% in all their endeavours and thriving in the face of adversity.

It is pivotal to cultivate this personality trait in students from the earliest age. It’s not uncommon for students take an apathetic approach to their studies. They’d much rather be vigorously tapping away on their Xbox One controller, have an iPhone in their palm or venture down to the local multiplex cinema with friends.

In the classroom, students can be easily distracted. Passing notes back and forth, doodling or daydreaming just as teachers are trying to teach them about the historical significance of the D-Day Normandy Landings or how to calculate the square root of 180. 

How can schools combat this apathy, engage students and promote inspiration? Well, motivational banners for schools are a great way of invigorating students. Instilling a positive mantra and bonding classmates together, school banners can drive success. Here are just some of the reasons why school banners can inspire the futures of the next generation.

‘The best way to predict your future is to create it’ – Abraham Lincoln.

They Promote Positive Thinking

A positive frame of mind is invaluable in the classroom. Building confidence and self-esteem whilst giving students the strength to not give in regardless of any challenges they’re presented with, positivity can work wonders.

Now let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of thinking our glass is half empty and not half full at one time or another. Positive thinking helps to break the cycle of pessimism, allowing us to look for solutions instead of dwelling on problems whilst instilling one of the most important personality traits for success – belief.

The role of school is to educate and fully prepare students for whatever their future may hold. Cultivating a positive attitude from an early age will enhance student’s faith in their own abilities, help them achieve their goals, and even recognise failures as opportunities to learn and grow.

Why not proudly display a motivational banner in your classroom for all students to see? Motivational slogans such as, ‘Believe in Yourself!’ or ‘You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind Too!’ reinforce that positive attitude integral to educational success and personal growth.

Interested in getting a motivational school banner? Visit our Banners page for more information.

They Demonstrate that Schools Invest in their Students

It can be said that a school is only as good as the teachers on its staff. We all remembers that one teacher who inspired us to reach for the stars, who lifted our spirits and helped us to find our purpose in life.

An engaging environment is essential when nurturing students. However, as valuable as teachers are, there’s much more that schools can do to engage their students. Hanging personalised banners and signs throughout the school to reinforce ideas, school mottos, and promote sustained success creates an environment that helps young minds to always strive to their very best – a quality that’s essential for achieving dreams later in life.

Not only that but, school’s that adopt this approach make it obvious to any visitors just how much they invest in the education provided to students. Schools that personify this quality are highly attractive to the parents and prospective students alike. After all, environment that focuses on helping students be the best that they can be is an environment where students will excel.

Those motivational banners for schools with slogans that are likely to impress prospective parents and students, could include messages like, ‘There is no I in Team’ or ‘You’re Capable of More than You Know!’ Don’t you feel inspired and motivated now!


Source: Confessions of a Teaching Junkie

They Instil School Pride

The importance of school pride cannot be overstated. Why? School pride makes students want to come to school, to be a part of something and share in all victories and achievements.

In a sense, strong school pride creates a bond. One that’s strong, with personal differences cast to one side. It is this support for one another, the school and local community that helps shape young personalities, helping them form lifelong memories.

One of the most effective ways to show-off your school pride is through banner printing. Simply messages of encouragement, such as ‘Go Wildcats!’ or ‘Let’s Go!’ can motivate sports teams to give their all, overcome the odds and emerge victorious.

Additionally, hanging a school banner in the school gymnasium or around the stands of an outdoor pitch, complete with a message such as, ‘County Champions 2017’ will instil a school pride in every student, teacher and parent – and may even intimidate visiting sports teams looking to take your school’s crown!

"Whether your school is holding an Easter fayre, parent teacher conference or summer sports day, banner advertising will prove to be highly effective in generating interest."

They Can Advertise Events

Despite the prevalence of online marketing and advertising, good old fashioned personalised banners and signs can really help to boost enhance a school’s reputation in the local community.

In the fast-paced digital landscape, we’re often bombarded with a vast swath of online guerrilla-style marketing. Now, this may prove effective for some, but does it compel anyone to take notice and act. Not really – people have seen it all before, and want to be allowed to make up their own minds before investing in something.

However, attractive school banner advertising does attract people’s attention. Whether your school is holding an Easter fayre, parent teacher conference or summer sports day, banner advertising will prove to be highly effective in generating interest.

You could even design a banner that advertises the event, complete with date, time and admission fee. With all the relevant information on display, it’s easy for people to make up their minds quickly. If your school is holding a parent teacher conference or opening day, why not include a short message such as ‘100% of students achieved grade A-C in GCSE Maths and English’ or ‘Awarded the Best Music Programme in the UK Two Years Running!’ That’s sure to get attention!

What’s great about banners is the choice is up to you. School events banners present a golden opportunity for you to really impress visitors. You never know, come the autumn you may just find that some of the most promising students in the area are determined to continue their education at your school.

There you have it! Motivational banners for schools have a variety of uses and can really make a difference to student outlook, whilst promoting school pride and advertising your school in the local community.
The only question to ask is what type of motivational banner should you choose for your school?

Interested in getting a motivational school banner? Visit our Banners page for more information.

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