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The school trip is a rite of passage. For many students, it’s the first time that they travel without their parents – an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Where you choose to travel to can make the difference between an experience that’s instantly forgettable. Here are different examples of awesome school trip destinations and a guide that outlines just what teachers should know when taking the legal responsibility of escorting students on school trips.  

Askrigg, Yorkshire Dales National Park

This delightful village set in the heart of Wensleydale is known throughout the world as the setting of the popular UK television series ‘All Creatures Great and Small.’

Situated in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Askrigg neighbours two historic castles, Bolton Castle and Barnard Castle, the How Steam Gorge and the Dales Countryside Museum, making it perfect for fun field trips to one of the UKs most scenic destinations.


Top Tips When Planning the School Trip: Read and understand the school and LEA policy to ensure the safety of children and responsibilities of teachers. Make sure that teachers know their responsibilities when escorting children on school trips.

Berlin, Germany

The city of Berlin has been central to a great many world-shaping events over the course of history. It is also home to a thriving cultural scene and awe-inspiring architecture, having undergone a building boom since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

The outskirts of the city are covered in lush woodlands and crystalline lakes with the Grunewald Forest, to the south-west of Charlottenburg, being the largest forest area in the city. It is this mix of history, culture and nature that make Berlin a premier destination for an awesome school trip.

Tips When Planning the School Trip: Always calculate the cost of a school trip precisely and make sure that the school has the budget to cover the excursion. It’s also important that schools chose a tour operator who is part of the ABTA (the UKs largest travel association) who will ensure that your school will be reimbursed should the tour operator is unable to fulfil their obligations.   

Paris, France

France has enjoyed a reputation as the leading tourist destination for decades – and this is no different for school trips.

The city boasts the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, fine cuisine and a culture of its very own. Students can vastly improve their conversational French whilst exploring the many idiosyncrasies of the city and growing in character.

Top Tips When Planning the School Trip: It’s important for teachers to get appropriate travel insurance, and for each student to have a written permission form completed and signed by their parent or guardian before departing.

Ypres, Belgium

Dubbed the ‘Battleground of Europe, Belgium is centuries of wartime battles. This makes it one of the best school trip ideas for a history class yearning to learn more about how historical events have shaped the world we live in today.  


Ypres was the site of five separate battles throughout the course of the First World War. The German and allied armies of British, French and Canadian armed forces fought in Ypres consistently between 1914 – 1918.

Today, the war-torn town has been completely re-built using German reparations, and many historians and schools make a pilgrimage to Ypres every year wishing to see that battlefields, the location of the trenches and memorials to deepen their understanding of the events of the First World War.

Top Tips When Planning the School Trip: Teachers should always make sure that any school trip is suitable for all students. Age, gender and special needs should each be factored into to any decision. It’s also paramount to account for any health and safety concerns related to activities and accommodation. A risk assessment should always be completed, and parents made aware of the intentions of the school trip.


Zermatt, Switzerland

Home of the legendary resorts of St. Moritz, Verbier, Zermatt and Klosters, Switzerland has long been the premier destination for UK school skiing trips.

Switzerland manages to balance alpine skiing for people of all ages and experience levels, high-tech ski facilities catering to large school parties with stunning scenic beauty and the traditional charm of mountain villages.

Zermatt is, perhaps, the most recognised school skiing resort, with facilities geared towards accommodating school trips. For an adventure-packed and exhilarating school holiday in picturesque surroundings, Zermatt simply cannot be beaten.


Teachers and students can easily keep warm in the cool air with school trip hoodies. Not only that but when responsible for large parties, it’s important that teachers can readily identify any students in their charge – and school hoodies are a great way of keeping excited and headstrong pupils together.

Top Tips When Planning the School Trip: Make sure that any student medical conditions known and that any accommodations are made for. Parents should also be provided with comprehensive details of the trip, including itinerary, contact numbers and accommodation details.  

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