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Purple. It’s also the colour most often associated with nobility and magic, with ambition and luxury. Leonardo Da Vinci was said to have meditated in a lavender-coloured light. It’s a colour that gets attention, which is why purple leavers hoodies are all the rage for 2016-2017.

School colours are important. They provide that sense of unity, of togetherness, of identity. Ask any former student what their school colours were and they’ll be able to tell you. Their colours will stay with them long after they’ve forgotten Pythagoras Theorem or the chemical element for Potassium.

"Purple is synonymous with prosperity. It’s a power colour, an affluence colour worn by bankers and businessmen to show their status."

Purple is The Colour of Prosperity

ancient chinese ming dynastyLeaving school is exciting. It’s a time when the leap into the big wide world can be daunting for most young people. The safe confines of the classroom will be removed, giving young people the opportunity to make their mark on the world. It’s a time when great prosperity could be just over the horizon.   

Purple is synonymous with prosperity. It’s a power colour, an affluence colour worn by bankers and businessmen to show their status. It’s important for young people to start as they mean to go on, and what better colour to give young people confidence than purple.

Purple is The Colour of Strength

The start of any great journey can be as daunting as it can be exciting. How well you equip yourself will impact your destination. Knowledge is a powerful tool that you can employ on the road to success, but so too can strength.

In ancient Chinese symbolism, purple is the colour for mental and spiritual healing. The colour of strength and bravery. The ancient Ming and Qing dynasties were the epitome of Chinese imperial strength and power, and were found in a complex series of buildings in the Purple Forbidden City.

Choosing school leavers hoodies in purple may infuse young people with the strength they’ll need to mature and develop into happy, successful people.

purple hoodies small

Purple is The Colour of Opportunity

Building a successful life is all about creating and taking the opportunities that come your way. It’s about participating in, and co-operating with life. These skills are taught and reinforced throughout education – and once mastered will help young people to where they want to go.

In Feng Shui, purple activates and harnesses the energy all around you. How is this relevant? Setting that positive mindset. Colours activate different types of energy – they make us feel a certain way. If you feel opportunistic, then opportunities will come your way.

Purple leavers hoodies contribute to setting that positive mindset, paving the way for future opportunities and success. Establishing and reinforcing this mindset with simple reminders, triggering positive feelings at as many opportunities as possible keeps young people focused on all the good things that could come their way.

"Purple is an inspirational colour, one that stimulates imagination. This is the key to creativity –  imagining leads to expression."

Purple is The Colour of Creativity

The ability to tackle any challenges that come your way is an essential life skill. Employing creative thought is one of the best ways to find a solution to any challenge – and a vital skill young people learn throughout their education.

Purple is an inspirational colour, one that stimulates imagination. This is the key to creativity –  imagining leads to expression. Purple is a popular children’s classroom colour for children of all ages.

Nurturing creativity is essential. It allows young people to look at the world around them and bring something valuable to it; imagine how they could make it better, or how they can bring joy. The creativity of purple leavers hoodies can contribute to establishing this ambition in childhood.

Purple is The Colour of Recognition

the colour purpleIn Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Colour Purple, Shug Avery impresses on Celie the importance of recognising what’s all around us, to stop and smell the roses from time to time. This recognition fosters appreciation.

It’s a powerful message. But equally powerful is recognising all that you’ve achieved with the help of others, and all that you could can achieve in the future.

Never failing to recognise where we came from, acknowledging all those people that helped us on our journey to become what we wanted to, is a humble, valued character trait.

Looking back in years to come, purple leavers hoodie in hand, what will you recognise? Will you recognise that without the encouragement of your French teacher when you just couldn’t remember if it was ‘comment allez-vous?’ ‘comment vas-tu?’ Will you recognise that without those extra Saturday morning training sessions you may not have made the under-16s team? Or will you just look back at the time you left school with a warm smile on your face.

You may have underestimated the impact Purple leavers hoodies could have on a young person’s life!

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