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School colours are very important. They give schools a sense of identity, of recognition and togetherness. The school colours are what pupils remember long after they forget how to find a prime number, or that the assassination Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked The Great War. Hoodies with school colours will stay with students long after they graduate.

The design of any school hoodie should encapsulate the school ethos and its colours. After all, how can the school be recognised in the community without consistent branding? For inspiration and choice on which school hoodie ideas best represent your school, why not check out these five amazing resources.

Colours to Show Your School Spirit

School spirit is what bonds students together. School colours show unity. This is never more obvious than when supporters travel with the school football team to away matches, evening the playing field out, and letting the players know that they’re here rooting for them.

All school hoodies need to be distinctive. The players, tirelessly chasing down every lost ball, should be able to clearly see and draw inspiration from the travelling fans. The right design ideas for school hoodies mean that even in the foggiest winter evening, players will see the school spirit shown by fans, and hopefully go on to win the big game. For inspirational design ideas, that stand out from the crowd, have a look here.

"Finding out what’s trending in the world of embroidery is easy with Twitter."

Embroidered to Stand Out

Schools intent on designing hoodies that stand out should consider the distinctive quality that embroidery brings to clothing. Down to the very last detail, embroidered hoodies will set you apart from competing schools, instilling pride and team spirit in the students and teachers.

The simple addition of an embroidered school logo will add additional design depth to the hoodies and separate your school from the wealth of other schools that press logos onto their hoodies.

The impact that embroidery can have on your school hoodie designs can be significant. Students will gain confidence and feel ready to tackle anything by knowing that they look good. Teachers will feel proud visiting other schools wearing these embroidered school hoodies. Finding out what’s trending in the world of embroidery is easy with Twitter. Check out this link for example.


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"Being on trend is important. The right look can change how people treat you."

What’s Hot and What’s Not

Being on trend is important. The right look can change how people treat you. School hoodies don’t have to be boring, itchy without colour or personality. They can be this season’s must have accessory.

Fashion trends tend to snowball. One day five people are wearing hoodies, the next day it’s ten, the next day a hundred. Knowing what the hot colours and design features are for the season means you can have a look that stands out! But more than that, you’ll have a warm and comfortable hoodie, that’s great for the winter months, or all year!

Why not look at what’s hot and what’s not in the world of teenage fashionistas. A great place to start looking is those websites devoted to teenagers, like here. Now, you may not find a design 100% suitable for the school, but you may well discover a colour shade or design that make the difference in your quest for great school hoodie ideas.

See What’s Shared

The influence of YouTubers cannot be underestimated. The popular ones have a style and look that’s distinctly theirs. They stand out, and a large part of their image is down to what they wear.

This is where you can get colour or design ideas. YouTuber, Zoella, for example, has a distinctive style. One that you can adopt when you consider the best colours and designs. The stylish the better!

Zoella’s just a suggestion, there’s a ton of other social media platforms and websites with great ideas for hoodie designs and colour. BuzzFeed has content specifically geared towards teenagers. Just have a look at this.

Invest a small amount of time on social media websites like BuzzFeed or Facebook and you’ll see what colours, styles and design trends stand out, giving you great ideas for school hoodies.

Be in Vogue

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Want to know what fashions are in and what fashions are out right now? There’s only one authority that you need to consult, the bible for teenage fashion – Teen Vogue.

Dedicated to style, trends and celebrity, Teen Vogue is sure to provide you with the definitive guide to current teenage style trends.

If you can’t find specific school hoodie ideas, Teen Vogue is a veritable treasure trove of ideas. From designs to colours, textures to fitting, Teen Vogue provides you with all the inspiration you need to create those hoodies that students won’t want to take off. Ever.

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If you, your loved ones or your school trip organiser are great fans of hoodies, then you will certainly appreciate a reliable and accurate hoodies size guide.

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