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When you’re a kid summer holidays feel like a lifetime. After a full school year of the three R’s, there’s nothing that puts a smile on a kid’s face more than the prospect of long, lazy afternoons in the sun, of ice-cream and sports, of crafts, and just plain old-fashioned fun.

There is truly no better time in life. Summer holiday activities are the best way to get kids engaged so that they can make the most of their two months of freedom from the classroom. For anyone who feels stumped considering the best way to keep kids entertained in the summer, we’ve come up with five diverse activities to make sure that kids have fun all summer long.

Out of School Clubs

Let’s be honest, kids get bored easily. After a few days of hanging around the house, playing video games or being glued to the Internet, they’re bound to be crawling up the walls.

Out of school clubs offer kids the opportunity to make the most of their summer holiday. Many schools and local leisure centres across the UK offer a venue for kids to have fun, make friends and enjoy their summer.  

There’s also a myriad of activities for kids to engage in at out of school clubs. Whether your son or daughter is keen on sports or passionate about arts and crafts or outdoor adventure, out of school clubs can keep them entertained all summer long. A word of warning however, places can be limited so it’s a good idea to book early!

kids summer holidays should be filled with enjoyment and adventure – and that’s exactly what out of school clubs offer. A quick search online and you’ll find camps that offer activities from outdoor forest skills and environmental projects to cooking classes and team sports.

Art, Culture and Heritage

As children grow, so too do their interests. When once they were happy to while the hours away kicking a football on the field or careening through the town on their bikes, as they get older, different activities pique their interest.

Teenagers may not be overly enthusiastic about playing football or netball, but they may really enjoy a day out to an art gallery or museum. Such activities for summer holidays can allow parents to spend some quality time with their teenagers, sharing a passion that you both enjoy, and learning a few things in the process too.

Investing some time researching local galleries, museums or places of historical significance before surprising your kids one morning with a trip out can be a great way of stemming their boredom for a day. It may even ignite their curiosity further – leading to a lifelong passion!

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"For thrill-seeking children and teenagers, there’s no better day out than a visit to one of the UKs theme parks."

Theme Park Anyone?

For thrill-seeking children and teenagers, there’s no better day out than a visit to one of the UKs theme parks. Guaranteed to make kids shout and scream in joy, theme parks can also be a fun day out for the whole family.

Thorpe Park in Surrey has proven to be a popular school holiday attraction for decades. New to the theme park is Darren Brown’s Ghost Train, where the celebrated television magician and entertainer takes you on a ride you’ll never forget.

Advertising itself as the UKs best short break resort, a day out at Alton Towers is one of the best holiday activities for kids. Located close to the village of Alton in Staffordshire, Alton Towers’ heart-stopping rollercoasters and waterpark complex will entertain the kids for hours on end. Alton Towers isn’t just for kids either. Dad can play a round of golf for as little as £6.00, whilst mum can relax in the on-site spa.  

Jamie Oliver’s Food Festival

A pukka time awaits kids and adults alike at Jamie Oliver’s Food Festival. This perfect family festival mixes food, music and tons of fun for the kids.

Situated at the heart of the idyllic Cotswolds, the festival is run by Blur foodie, Alex James and Jamie Oliver at Alex James’ farm throughout the August bank holiday weekend.

Perfect for kids with an interest in cooking or baking, there are a wealth of different stalls that showcase a range of cuisines and children’s entertainment.

Day tickets are priced at £59.00 for adults and teens, but children can go for FREE! As autumn approaches, Jamie Oliver’s Food Festival is one of the best ways to enjoy one final family day out before the summer holidays with kids ends.  

"If you like in a city and don’t fancy getting in a car and travelling for hours on end in the warm summer heat, there is a wealth of summer holiday activities for kids to in the city."

Urban Holiday Activities

If you like in a city and don’t fancy getting in a car and travelling for hours on end in the warm summer heat, there is a wealth of summer holiday activities for kids to in the city.

London’s Urban Arts Experience, for example, is renowned for giving kids a great take, having fun, getting creative and making memories.

Kids of all ages are invited to participate in a range of activities for summer holidays. From street dancing to Lyrical Theatre which invites young people to participate in and learn about musical lyric writing and drama, any creative and musically-gifted child will surely find their tribe at one of these urban summer holiday camps.

With a little research and planning you can make sure that the summer holidays are enjoyable and memorable for your kids, leaving them well-rested and relaxed for the forthcoming school year.

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