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School display banners are a fantastic way to promote ethos and achievements. They can engage, inspire and educate, uniting faculty and students and drawing attention to the successes of your school.

Indeed, the humble school banner has the power to show what can be achieved through diligence, determination, perseverance and teamwork, attracting prospective students and uniting the whole school.

"Banners often prove to be very effective forms of promoting achievements."

A Clear Design Promotes Achievements

A well-designed school banner, complete with the school colours and achievements, can be very memorable, and one of the most effective promotional tactics a school can employ. When decorated in an optimal location, a clear and creatively-designed banner will attract attention, allowing you to show-off your achievements.

If 90% of your students have achieved A-C A Level grades, promote the achievement by dressing the exterior of your school with an eye-catching banner! This is sure to attract the attention of students, searching for the best institution to fulfil their scholastic ambitions.

Banners Can Be Easily Customised to Your School Colours

colour wheelGiven that banners can be customised to your school colours, they often prove to be very effective forms of promoting achievements. Why? School colours are generally instantly recognisable in the community.

If your school cricket team has won the county championship, why not have a banner on the pitch that reads, ‘Home of the 2015 School County Cricket Champions,’ This is sure to attract the attention of the local community, and cultivate a feeling of pride within the school!

"Vinyl banners are tear resistant, durable and able to withstand even the heaviest deluge of rain."

They’ll Be There Come Rain or Shine

Traditional school banners, made of cloth or paper, were highly susceptible to the weather. A single shower could ruin their appearance. Fortunately, vinyl banners are tear resistant, durable and able to withstand even the heaviest deluge of rain.

Achievements should be celebrated long after being achieved – especially if a team has pulled together and worked tirelessly to a common goal all year. With vinyl banners, you needn’t worry about rain or hail – they will maintain their impactful appearance whatever the weather throws at them.

But, perhaps, the most impressive attribute that vinyl school or university banners offer is that they are completely UV resistant. The ink won’t fade, which means neither will the happy memories of all that your school has achieved, whatever the time of year.

That Boost Come Exam Time

Classroom banners can promote educational excellence. Young people need focus and goals, they need positive reinforcement and recognition once those goals have been achieved.

Displaying banners in the classroom, complete with the school slogan, or inspirational quotes can help students gain the confidence they need to perform to the height of their ability. They may even make such a difference that students excel beyond even their wildest expectations.

Once scholastic greatness has been achieved by one class, why not use a banner display in the school to show what can be achieved with conscientiousness? It may just light a fire of determination in other students as they strive to achieve to the very best of their ability.

"Banners are a great way to help you promote extra-curricular activities because they can be used to show school spirit at all extra-curricular competitions."

Let’s Not Forget Extra-Curricular Activities

As informative as league tables are, they don’t highlight the complete school or university experience. They cannot tell you just how important extra-curricular activities and achievements are. But, university or school display banners can.

Banners are a great way to help you promote extra-curricular activities because they can be used to show school spirit at all extra-curricular competitions. Students and teachers alike will be very proud to represent a school that’s enjoyed great extra-curricular past successes – and what better way to show this than with colourful banners with clear previous successes!


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They Can Be Placed Virtually Anywhere

One of the reasons why banners are a great way to promote achievements is that they can be placed on any vertical surface. Universities and schools can choose where to adorn their banners to give the best possible impression.

If you have a large indoor sports hall and an undefeated school badminton team, for example, a well-placed banner highlighting this achievement will inspire students to support the team when visiting schools arrive to challenge your undefeated streak.

They Can Show-Off Your Achievements in Detail

Let’s say that your university has been the recipient of a prestigious accolade at THE Awards. Now it’s time to show-off your achievement, and what better way than to include the achievement on the university banner.

Unlike other types of advertising, banners provide ample space to detail awards. Your achievement doesn’t need to be a footnote at the bottom of the PVC, it can take pride and place, in full detail, at the top of the banner design.

"Attracting the best students is about selling the experience. Banners are a great way to do just this."

Multiple Banners for Multiple Achievements

Whoever said that universities should have one single banner? Why not have multiple banners for multiple different achievements! Attracting the best students is about selling the experience. Banners are a great way to do just this.

By placing a university banner in the student union – one that displays why your university offers the best student experience is a great way to convince undergraduates to choose your university over another.

Students enrol at university for the experience as much as they do for education. University banners that show-off the overall experience, including clubs and societies, sports and recreation, highlighting any major achievements, are a powerful way to attract the finest student intake each year.


They Can Promote and Reinforce Key Attributes

Banners are a great way to reinforce the key attributes of any school or university. In effect, they serve as a visual remainder of why your educational institution is so highly thought of.

If your school or university has one of the highest attendance records in the county, what better way to show how proud you are of this achievement than by placing a banner in the entranceway or reception!

The banner will immediately show visitors that your students enjoy their education, a point that will be reinforced each time they enter or leave the campus, making the achievement even more memorable.

"Banners are an excellent way of promoting your school achievements."

The Achievements of Your School Alumni

The great thing about banners is that they reach out to the people that you want to target. When placed in easy-to-spot locations, they’ll surely be noticed by those that you want to notice them.

A great way to attract the right students is to have a banner in your school or university hall with all the names of school alumni who have gone on to achieve great things in their chosen career.

Not only will the banner be inspirational, it might even convince the brightest students that their potential can be reached right here, all whilst promoting the highest educational standards you strive for.

As you can see, banners are an excellent way of promoting your school achievements. Cost-effective, durable, and with a plethora of different uses, displays banners are the perfect way for schools and universities to show-off their achievements.

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